ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL is a hotel in a unique riverside location in Shatin. With lush green surroundings and smart user-friendly technology for guests’ comfort and wellness, ALVA invites modern travellers to explore a hidden gem in Hong Kong and experience a travel journey replete with relaxation and discovery.

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With an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus, Hong Kong hits records on the number of local infections with unknown source and involved buildings/premises are continued to rise. The hotel understands that some of staffs may be listed as close contact if their family members were diagnosed with COVID-19. Given that this wave of epidemic may continue to heat up, similar situations may be common in the short term. Under the new normal of anti- epidemic, we shall focus on protecting the safety of hotel guests and staff by preventing the spread of infection, and ensuring service quality and guest satisfactory as well, therefore the corresponding policies and procedures are introduced as below:

- If any family members of staff are diagnosed with COVID-19, and the staff who listed as a close contact will stay at home and conduct testing as instructed. In the meantime, the hotel will provide assistance to the staff, such as distribute rapid antigen test kit;

- If any staff is diagnosed, all close contacts of the staff will be asked to stay at home and apply formal testing, negative results are required before back to work;

- Comprehensive disinfection will be applied in the hotel area

Caring for our guests and staff is the long-standing belief of ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL. The hotel will provide assistance to the staff; also if guests have any concerns and would like to cancel reservations, please do not hesitate to contact hotel staff.

Comprehensive disinfection and PrimeShield Residual Antimicrobial Protector have been applied in different areas of the hotel, ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL has always strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures and followed the guidelines from the Department of Health, to protect the health and safety of our guests and staff.

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Caring for our guests and staff is the long-standing belief of Royal Hotel Group. We have always maintained high hygiene standards and has stepped up our hygiene program in view of the outbreak of COVID-19. We provide services at the highest hygienic standards for our guests and protect the health and safety of our staff.


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