This policy and procedure is designed to ensure that customer feedback and/or complaints are managed through an effective and consistent process in order to enhance customer service and identifying areas for improvement. By following policies and procedures, ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL(the “Hotel”) is committing to handling guest feedback and/or complaints in a timely, effective, consistent and fair manner.




The Hotel is committed to ensuring that all guest feedback and/or complaints are managed in a responsive manner with the following feedback channels available:

- Our in-house guests can call “0” to contact Duty Manager to address any complaints or concerns. This allows staff to address the issue immediately and help.

- Our guests can call (852)  3653 1111for any feedback and/or complaints about the experience in the Hotel.  

- Emails can be sent to This allows guests to express their concerns in writing and provides a record of the feedback and/or complaints for future reference.




All guests’ feedback and/or complaints will be reviewed, recorded and reported to the management team with details within 24 hours so as to understand the issues raised and its impact on the guest’s experience.  


Complaints are typically evaluated in terms of their severity and impact on the guest experience, and the likelihood of recurrence. By evaluating feedback and/or complaints more accurately, the Hotel can prioritize the resources and address guest concerns in a timely and effective manner. This will help to distribute the feedback and/or complaints to the correct staff first and arrange investigation accordingly.  The average duration of Hotel feedback about the solution of a feedback and/or complaints can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the nature and severity of the complaint and the complexity of the resolution process.  In general, the Hotel strives to respond to guest feedback and/or complaints in 24 hours.  


To develop an action plan to address the issue raised in the guest feedback and/or complaints with outline specific steps to be taken and timelines for completion. This can help to ensure that the guest is satisfied with the resolution and prevent any further issues from arising.


To follow up with the guests to ensure their satisfaction with the solution provided and to demonstrate a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


The Hotel should ensure that our staff are able to approach feedback and/or complaints in a consistent and fair manner with accuracy, credibility and compliance.




The Hotel will provide efficient evaluation of guest feedback and/or complaints as it is a valuable contribution to hotel operations. This can help to identify areas where improvements can be made to enhance guest satisfaction.  


Based on the feedback collected and analyzed, the Hotel shall identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan to address them.  




The Hotel will make sure to obtain the guest’s consent before using any personal information and handle it in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.


The confidentiality principle of feedback and/or complaints handling is an important aspect of protecting the privacy of guests who have made feedback and/or complaints. This principle requires that any information related to a guest's feedback and/or complaints or personal details will be kept confidential and not be shared with a third party who is not involved in resolving the complaint.


Prior notification will be given to the guests before sharing any information related to their feedback and/or complaints with insurance companies or legal representatives. This helps to ensure that the guest's privacy is protected and that their personal information is not shared without their knowledge or consent.


In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this policy, the English version shall prevail.