Elevate your culinary journey with an immersive outside catering menu. Tantalize every guest's taste buds with delectable spreads of delights for corporate event, birthday parties and festive celebrations. Order online now and be ready for an ultimate culinary adventure!​​
ALVA wishes you a fabulous birthday! We have prepared a series of surprise offers to celebrate with you.​​
Spoil your loved ones with Royal Delights (R+)’s festive gourmets under the glow of the full moon.​​
Join us in celebrating the chill vibes with our Gudetama themed cakes and add a splash of fun to your summer beach hangouts!​​
Do not miss out the Royal Hotels Hong Kong- Abalone & Fish Maw Poon Choi prepared by our culinary team!​​
To welcome the international sporting event, Alva House will present a new "Gourmet Duo Wagyu Beef & Sea Urchin Dinner Buffet”.​​
Pamper yourself with a sumptuous brunch buffet during the delightful weekend​​
Revisit the good old days with a memorable local touch at Alva House
Partners, ready up!​​
The Cantonese-style delicacies prepared by Bosco Li, the Chinese Executive Chef of Yat Heen in Alva Hotel By Royal, were praised by all judges in the TV show!​​
By fusing Cantonese, Sichuan, Chaozhou and Thai flavours, the skilled culinary team of Yat Heen have crafted a distinctive symphonic feast for diners’ taste buds.​​
Relish yourself with gourmet dim sum at Yat Heen and PitStop!​​
Dive into the fresh flavors of summer while celebrating upcoming Summer Festival in Japan!​​
Reunion with friends on hotel rooftop, overlooking the stunning scenery of Shing Mun River and experience an ultimate barbecue feast with sumptuous delicacies.​​
Enjoy a pleasant holiday at Mizutani with Japanese treats and panoramic views over the Shing Mun River!​​
Mizutani selects seasonal ingredients to offer a variety of lunch set options that will tantalize your palate.​​
Toro and Wagyu lovers calling! Enjoy Mizutani’s new omakase special course featuring Fatty Tuna and Omi Wagyu freshly delivered from Japan.​​
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature by tasting Mizutani's new cocktail series about Japanese natural ambience.​​
Ryori on The Top Mizutani is serving omakase sets!​​
Enjoy the freshest authentic ingredients grilled to recall your precious memory of an Izakaya feast.​​
Embracing the refreshing chill with a BBQ delight at Pitstop, where you can indulge in a world of flavor with delicious barbeque platter.​​
Indulge in an alluring series of sweet and savoury bites crafted with seasonal ingredients at PitStop.​​
Bring your doggie to PitStop and enjoy our newly launched pawsome menu at the alfresco spot.​​
Indulge in “ zero “ sugar and the nourishment of a guilt-free diet.​​
Takeaway light meals are available at Alva Works!​​
Register for free and enjoy up to 10% off on dining and 5% off on rooms, with HK$100 Welcome Coupon and 500 The Point Welcome Bonus Points to be rewarded.​​