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ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL has prepared a series of CVS exclusive dining offers again for you to enjoy!​​
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Please your desires with the Japanese culinary delights of luscious wagyu and refreshing uni !​​
Satisfy your cravings with an enticing selection of authentic Thai-style delicacies to pamper your palate!​​
Pamper yourself with a sumptuous brunch buffet during the delightful weekend
Revisit the good old days with a memorable local touch at Alva House
Reinventing classic dishes with a modern twist, Yat Heen presents the exquisite menu to create a unique journey of Chinese flavours!​​
Indulge in a tempting feast with Yat Heen’s Canton Delight Set Menu.​​
Relish the extraordinary Japanese delights with jet-fresh seasonal ingredients delivered from Hokkaido, paired with velvety Sake to elevate the divine freshness.​​
Get surprised by the Robatayaki course crafted by our native Japanese Chef as a wonderful omakase experience.​​
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature by tasting Mizutani's new cocktail series about Japanese natural ambience.​​
Ryori on The Top Mizutani is serving omakase sets!​​
Indulge in fruity sensations with a variety of sweet and savoury treats infused with Japanese shine muscat!​​
Enjoy champagne at a special price at four restaurants of ALVA at designated times.​​
Indulge in “ zero “ sugar and the nourishment of a guilt-free diet.​​
Takeaway light meals are available at Alva Works!​​
Takeaway is available at ALVA eShop!​​​​