Alva House presents an alluringly delightful vast array of scrumptious dishes featuring supreme U.S. wagyu beef and Canadian crab.​​
Pamper yourself with a sumptuous brunch buffet during the delightful weekend​​
Revisit the good old days with a memorable local touch at Alva House
Mizutani and Yat Heen jointly present the “Exquisite Four-hands Joint Menu”, which combines the essence of Cantonese and Japanese cuisine while demonstrating extraordinary culinary skills and creativity.​​
Mizutani and Yat Heen jointly present the four-hands collaborative menu, using superior and safety-compliant seasonal ingredients to create an exquisite feast of Japanese and Chinese flavours with exceptional artistry.​​
Embarking on an extraordinary “crab encounter” journey at Yat Heen!​​
Make your heartfelt gathering extra memorable with the exquisite Cantonese menu, featuring finest ingredients like Tiger Prawn, 8-head Abalone and more.​​
Relish yourself with gourmet dim sum at Yat Heen and PitStop!​​
Yat Heen's professional culinary team presents chef’s special menus with exceptional ingredients.​​
Exquisitely choosing fresh ingredients, Yat Heen’s executive chef Bosco Li presents the special menu featuring an incredible array of Cantonese delights, paired with Manrei Sake brewed in Saga Japan.​​
Toro and Wagyu lovers calling! Enjoy Mizutani’s new omakase special course featuring Fatty Tuna and Omi Wagyu freshly delivered from Japan.​​
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature by tasting Mizutani's new cocktail series about Japanese natural ambience.​​
Ryori on The Top Mizutani is serving omakase sets!​​
Enjoy the freshest authentic ingredients grilled to recall your precious memory of an Izakaya feast.​​
Indulge in an alluring series of sweet and savoury bites crafted with seasonal ingredients at PitStop.​​
Bring your doggie to PitStop and enjoy our newly launched pawsome menu at the alfresco spot.​​
Indulge in “ zero “ sugar and the nourishment of a guilt-free diet.​​
Takeaway light meals are available at Alva Works!​​
Register for free and enjoy up to 10% off on dining and 5% off on rooms, with HK$100 Welcome Coupon and 500 The Point Welcome Bonus Points to be rewarded.​​