Seafood symphony dinner buffet is where freshness meets flavor.​​
ALVA wishes you a fabulous birthday! We have prepared a series of surprise offers to celebrate with you.​​
Do not miss out the Royal Hotels Hong Kong- Abalone & Fish Maw Poon Choi prepared by our culinary team!​​
Reunion with friends on hotel rooftop, overlooking the stunning scenery of Shing Mun River and experience an ultimate barbecue feast with sumptuous delicacies.​​
Pamper yourself with a sumptuous brunch buffet during the delightful weekend​​
Revisit the good old days with a memorable local touch at Alva House
By fusing Cantonese, Sichuan, Chaozhou and Thai flavours, the skilled culinary team of Yat Heen have crafted a distinctive symphonic feast for diners’ taste buds.​​
Relish yourself with gourmet dim sum at Yat Heen and PitStop!​​
Embark on a palatable journey at Mizutani with cycling fun and free parking space!​​
Immerse in refreshing Japanese flavours made with seasonal ingredients during this serene Spring season.​​
Delve into the gastronomic world with Mizutani’s premium Seiromushi course.​​
Mizutani selects seasonal ingredients to offer a variety of lunch set options that will tantalize your palate.​​
Toro and Wagyu lovers calling! Enjoy Mizutani’s new omakase special course featuring Fatty Tuna and Omi Wagyu freshly delivered from Japan.​​
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature by tasting Mizutani's new cocktail series about Japanese natural ambience.​​
Ryori on The Top Mizutani is serving omakase sets!​​
Enjoy the freshest authentic ingredients grilled to recall your precious memory of an Izakaya feast.​​
Indulge in an alluring series of sweet and savoury bites crafted with seasonal ingredients at PitStop.​​
Indulge in “ zero “ sugar and the nourishment of a guilt-free diet.​​
Takeaway light meals are available at Alva Works!​​
Register for free and enjoy up to 10% off on dining and 5% off on rooms, with HK$100 Welcome Coupon and 500 The Point Welcome Bonus Points to be rewarded.​​