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Experience Shatin


Cycling@Tolo Harbour Promenade / Adventure Cycling Park / Shing Mun River


Cycling in Shatin is very popular among locals and visitors alike. Spend some leisure time joining a bike tour starting at the ALVA and ending at the Tai Po Waterfront Park along the Shing Mun River and the Adventure Cycling Area, then ultimately at the picturesque Tolo Harbour. 

Hong Kong Heritage Museum


The Hong Kong Heritage Museum offers a unique blend of the Territory’s history, art and culture via a wide variety of programmes that cater for the public’s disparate interests. Designed both to entertain and enlighten, a series of lively and informative exhibitions and activities provides visitors with a delightful kaleidoscopic array of cultural and educational experiences.

Boasting an exhibition area of some 7,500 sq. m., the museum houses five permanent galleries:  the Jin Yong Gallery, the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, the Chao Shao-an Gallery, and the Children's Discovery Gallery ; as well as six thematic galleries that regularly host exhibitions showcasing diverse treasures that reflect the marvellous local heritage.

Living history@Tsang Tai Uk/Wong Uk Village/Pai Tau Village


Just a short walk from the Che Kung Temple MTR Station, Tsang Tai Uk is one of Hong Kong’s best-preserved walled villages. Built in 1847 by stonemason Tsang Koon-man, this compound was home to the Tsang clan, a Hakka family that had migrated to Hong Kong in the 17th century. You can still see the original granite, bricks and timber used to build the village. Guard towers were constructed on each of the four corners to protect against pirates. Today it is still a living village, and visitors are welcome to explore the courtyard and ancestral hall.

Wong Uk Village lies at the southwestern corner of Yuen Chau Kok in Sha Tin. The "Old House" is the only remnant of the original village. It’s a two-storey green-brick structure about 100 years old, which was declared a monument in 1989. In 2009, the Old House was included in the Batch II category of the Hong Kong Government's Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme which seeks adaptive re-use of government-owned historic buildings.

Known as a rural haven just steps from the MTR Shatin Station, Pai Tau Tsuen is a quiet and laid-back village on a hillside where visitors can explore the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, historic stone houses and one of the city’s finest bee farms.

Hiking at leisure@Ma On Shan Country Park/ Lion Rock Country Park


What makes Ma On Shan Country Park so extraordinary is that it is the demarcation line between Shatin and Sai Kung Peninsula.  Other prominent landmarks in the region include Ma On Shan, the Hunch Backs, Pyramid Hill, Tate's Cairn, and Kowloon Peak. The Park itself has quite a few famous sights like Kowloon Peak with its panoramic vistas of the city, the grave of Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s mother in Pak Fa Lam, and the ever popular Gilwell Campsite.

Covering a wide upland region between North Kowloon and Shatin, Lion Rock Country Park borders on Kam Shan Country Park to the west by the Tai Po Road boundary line. Covering a total area of 557 hectares, Lion Rock Country Park’s famous sights include the monumental Lion Rock and Amah Rock. Here you’ll also find some of Hong Kong's best loved and rugged hiking routes, including the MacLehose Trail and Wilson Trail that pass across the uplands. There is also the less challenging Eagle's Nest Nature Trail and Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail.

Shopping@New Town Plaza


Sun Hung Kai Properties’ first TOD (transit-oriented development) development, New Town Plaza is currently the Group’s flagship shopping centre. Located in the heart of Shatin, New Town Plaza offers nearly two million sq. ft. of exceptional shopping, dining and lifestyle facilities. One of the largest developments of its kind in Hong Kong, visitors here can find everything from the latest international fashion brands and chic accessories to cutting-edge electronics and superb cuisines. 

Try Shatin delicacies@Local Eateries


Retaining the old-school charm of Hong Kong’s street stalls, the restaurants at dai pai dong serve up steaming, freshly made dim sum in the morning as well as traditional Cantonese stir-fried dishes during the evenings. 

Famous for roasted pigeon, chicken congee and sansui (“mountain water”) tofu, Lung Wah is a celebrated restaurant that imparts a strong nostalgic ambience in Shatin. It was once a favourite haunt of Hong Kong’s eminent socialites and movie stars like Bruce Lee in the 1950s and 60s.